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March 9th, 2010 | in Camping 1 comment

If you and your family enjoy camping, then I’m sure you are going to look into buying a tent. The best tent for a family is a 6 man tent. Although it’s called a 6 man tent, actually having six people sleep comfortably in it with an inflatable mattress or two would be quite the feat.

The thing is, manufacturers don’t take suitcases or other gear in mind when classifying their tents. A good rule of thumb is to subtract two from the manufacturer’s number and that is how many people can sleep in them comfortably with their gear (of course in the case of a 2 man tent, you would only subtract one). If you absolutely need a tent for six people, I would suggest looking into a bunch of manufacturers to see if their six man tent can actually sleep 6 people and their gear comfortably. However, I have seen very few 6 man tents that actually are able to live up to the name. Usually this type of tent will sleep 4 people comfortably. Again, each model is different, so be sure to check the specifications.

There are a number of things to keep in mind when shopping for six man tents. Firstly, if you want to save a bit of money, there are some really good deals on the internet. Just browse Amazon or Ebay and I’m sure you will find something. Secondly, you want to keep in mind when you will be using the camping tent. If you are only going to be doing summer camping, a 3 season tent is what you are looking for. However, if you delve into winter camping, you will need to buy a 4 season tent. A 3 season tent will not keep you safe in the winter.

Like I mentioned before, a 6 man tent is good for a family of 4. Anything above and the tent can get crowded. And if you have less than 4 people, it’s a waste of space and you should consider downsizing to a smaller tent.

Generally, the best 6 man tent and most popular type is the 6 man dome tent. A dome tent is designed to be quick and easy to set up. I’m sure anyone who has been camping knows the horrors that come with setting up the tent. However, this does not mean you can just jump in blindly and attempt to pitch the tent without reading the instructions. Don’t be like your father. Read the instructions. A good thing to do is practice setting up the tent in the backyard. This way you can learn the little quirks your particular tent has on your own time, instead of in the camp site with a million other things to set up.

Another thing to think about is buying multiple tents instead of one six person tent. For example, a family of 4 could buy two 4 man tents. I know that, as a kid, I didn’t really like the whole family sleeping in the same tent (especially after eating camp food). Four person tents are good for 2 people plus gear, so 2 four man tents are equivalent to 1 six person tent. It is also possible to find 2 four person tents that are less expensive than a 6 man tent. The choice is up to you, however.

Now that, you have the tent issue settled, pack up the portable stove, and your rechargeable lantern and enjoy your camping trip! Hopefully camping can become a staple summer activity for your family.

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