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March 4th, 2010 | in Hunting 1 comment

For those who love both Archery and video games, you surely know by now that archery and archery enthusiasts are an under appreciated demographic when it comes to video gaming. Sure there is a multitude of games that have archery included, but archery as a focus has been largely over looked. Many of the games that include archery are role playing games that include dragons orcs and elves. Not everyone likes their targets running at you with long swords and chainmail though.

Well, for those who would like to feel the thrill of compensating for a wicked cross wind and landing a bull’s eye while still lounging at home, there is good and bad news.

The bad news: There is still no archery game, or really exceptional game, that is focused solely on archery.

The great news is; the new Wii sports resort game has a fine interpretation of archery available. Though the game doesn’t focus on the tiny nuances of the sport, it does a great job of presenting it to a broader audience. There are several locales with many weather conditions available to deal with, and the motion controls for the game are surprisingly easy to use. You exert a fraction of the effort, and many of the motions are realistic. It’s not a simulator by any means, but it works well for keeping your eyes and fingers nimble. It’s just plain fun. For 49.99 you can purchase the game for your Wii and it comes with the motion plus sensor.

For those that do not have a Wii or any interest in purchasing one, there are a few games on other platforms as well. Even the iPhone has a rendition named “iarchery” created by lifesec llc. It’s not as graphic intensive or involved as Wii sports resort, but can be a fun reprieve from work or while in the waiting room.

There are of course archery hunting games like the “big game hunter” and “deer hunter” series for all platforms, but many of these games are lacking depth and not everyone interested in archery is also interested in seeing blood shooting forth from their targets. Many of these games can be had in the bargain bin at your local game store, or at Wal-mart for as little as $10.00. But maybe you don’t want to spend any money and just want a place to go to play free archery games. Well, you’re in luck because there are places online where you can do just that.

The most diverse, and free place to play online archery games has to be gamemew.com which has over 20 variations on archery including my favorite, medieval archery. Though the majority of these games are tongue in cheek time killers, there is fun to be had with them.

Though it is true that there is no true “archery” game for us, there are many games out there to keep us busy until we can get out ourselves out to the range. Hey, don’t fret though; the Olympics are just around the corner!

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