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February 25th, 2010 | in Fishing Leave a comment

Are you getting tired of catching the same old fish summer after summer? Tired of going to the same lake and fishing in the same spots? Well, why not change it up this year? Or, make a plan and save up and change it up in a couple years. Whatever the case, I highly recommend you try tuna fishing. Tuna fish is a common household word and is often associated with sandwiches. However, few people actually know what tuna look like in the wild and how fun it can be to fish for them (at least recreationally. I doubt the guys who are fishing for tuna commercially consider it fun.)

Although there are different types of tuna, the fishing gear and techniques are generally the same whether you are bluefin tuna fishing, yellowfin tuna fishing, or purple-people-eaterfin tuna fishing (ok, I made that one up.)

In the summer months you will find them up near the surface enjoying the warmth of the sun and feeding on various bait fish swimming around. However, during the winter months, the tuna will retreat to depths of about 100 feet, so fishing for them can become a little trickier. Also, tuna tend to bite better in low light, so make sure at least part of your fishing day includes the early morning or late afternoon.

Trolling is a very popular method and it consists of you or your fishing guide setting up a number of fishing “rigs” and just letting the line trail behind as the boat moves around. This is great especially if you just want to sit back and enjoy a beer in the sun and only having to get up when a fish bites. It takes all the boring waiting out of fishing and leaves in the excitement.

Another useful tip when tuna fishing is to watch for sea birds congregating around a certain area. This means there are baitfish gathered here and with baitfish come tuna. You can also bring the tuna to you by using a method called chumming. You have probably seen or heard about this method if you watch the Discovery Channel during shark week (and who the hell misses shark week?) Basically, you bring a whole bunch of bait fish and scatter it around the site you want to fish. This will attract the tuna and enable you to have a fun filled day of fishing.

As for tuna fishing gear, you will need specialized rods, reels, and lines if you want to catch tuna. This is true for halibut fishing, tarpon fishing, or when you are fishing for any other type of large fish. Since tuna are so big, they can be fierce fighters and can last a long time, so you will need gear that can last longer. If you are inexperienced in tuna fishing, you should really hire out a charter for your trip and they will have all the necessary gear included.

Now that you know about tuna fishing, you should really consider changing up your same old fishing routine and try something new for once! Go out and research tuna fishing charters, save up some money, invite some buddies and have the time of your life.

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